FOCUS by Sparkmate

High-tech startup accelerator
+ Hardware co-working space, 20min from Station F

A space for high-tech entrepreneurs…
Built by high-tech entrepreneurs 🔧

👉 Sparkmate is a team of ambitious and passionate developers, engineers, designers and entrepreneurs with a wide range of skills and experiences in web3.

👉 We support entrepreneurs to imagine, build and launch outstanding products in under 5 weeks.

👉 Seeing the lack of facilities for hardware projects close to Paris, we decided to launch FOCUS.
  • 🏭  + 400m²
  • 🏢 + 30 desks
  • 🛠️  Mechanics and Electronics Fablab
  • 🌎   Ivry Sur Seine, 20min from Station F

A full service hi-tech prototyping space at your disposal... 🥇


(and private storage)


(for mechanics and electronics prototyping (and more))


Product Engineering mentors
(from the Sparkmate team)


Perks, partners and +
(full-access to Sparkmate network)
... to boost the growth of your startup.

All you need to launch a high-tech startup in one space ... 🛠

Stop wasting time looking for the best accelerator or co-working space:
... you just found it ✨

We’re not a usual incubator or accelerator … but before all a team of passionate makers caring about other entrepreneurs.

Benefit full support, technical expertise and all necessary skills to ensure your success and rentability to the end. ⚙️

The perfect fit space to launch a succesful hardware project 👌

Space, storage, machine, resources, perks, industrial partners, business partners... all you need to develop the best possible product. You're at the right place to really make cool things! 💪

A few doubts with your strategy, not sure about your tech choices?
No worries, we are here for you ! 🚀

Prototyping is our favorite game …
we imagine, build and launch the best products
and FOCUS lets you do the same.

We have worked with more than 50 entrepreneurs, launching products and high-tech solutions, our team is accessible⚡️

Need more space to tinker, make some noise or dust ? ⏰
Our prototyping space is your place!

A high-tech accelerator and a hardware coworking space built by tech entrepreneurs. ⚡️

We ensure that FOCUS will be your place.

FOCUS is the full-service turn key solution
… hardware     prototyping made simple 🔑

1. Support for you Product Strategy / Technical Strategy / Launch Roadmap
2. Time and resources to let you build, tinker, prototype and iterate
3. Access to the best suppliers, partners and perks to launch a high-tech startup

A simple and fair pricing
… to help you kick-start your journey 💸

Company access fee
500€ / month
Price per person
+ 250€ / desk / mo

A prototype that’s ready to market is worth your success 💥
… even more true for hardware and tech startups

Now that you’re familiar with what we do at Sparkmate, let me tell you why we chose to open the FOCUS space. 🎉

Helping entrepreneurs has always been a wonderful mission for our team, especially with the exigency of IoT and hardware.

Everyone say
that building a hardware startup is hard, we aim at CHANGING that, starting in the Paris startup ecosystem.
We sincerely believe FOCUS will strongly help high-tech entrepreneurs and open new opportunities to accelerate hi-tech innovation.

That’s why we want to help you transform the world, entrepreneurs like you will be game-changers and acting for change with you is all we want to do …

Passion is what drives us the most, so let’s build the future together. 🪐

... and they support us for this tremendous task 💪

FOCUS is waiting for you ... ⏳

You’ve never been so close to the perfect place to imagine, build and launch your high-tech startup. Why would you stop now ?
Let’s discuss it over coffee. ☕️
Let's FOCUS🚀