Spark it ⚡

A tailor-made mentoring program to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators. Join the tribe, it's free, it's just that we love tech, passionate founders and crazy projects.

Tools and services

What is it?

It's a program for tech-savvy people who are under 25 years old. They should be building their prototype by themselves and be passionate about their project. 

How much is it?

It's completely free of charge. At Sparkmate, one of our mission is to empower the next wave of entrepreneurs and innovators ❤️

How does it work?

It's completely free of charge. At Sparkmate, our mission is to empower thOnce a month, for six months, you will have a mentoring appointment with one of Sparkmate's member to discuss the progress of your product. It's a great opportunity to ask whatever questions you have and unlock your potential.
We understand what you are going through because we've been through it a couple times already! 😉

What are the criterias to apply?

1. You need to show a strong desire to built your product yourself
2.It needs to be you who makes the prototype (even a no-code version of it)
3. You have a first working version of your product and want to take it to the next level

How to apply?

1. Pitch your product on Airtable by answering a few questions
2. You are invited to a phone interview 
3. Join us for a face to face interview

A message from Morgan, Sparkmate's CEO

While chatting on whatsapp about product development with one of my very first intern Thibault, who is now starting his own company “Escalib” I had the idea of launching this mentoring program for young entrepreneurs who are currently building their product! Thibault is an engineer and he was asking me for my thoughts on a design studio he wanted to reach out to build a professional version of his product! I was like what the fuck why can’t you do it yourself? Are you an maker or not? A design studio will charge you a fortune for something you can do by yourself!

By the time Thibault had only prototypes made of legos, he won tons of innovation contests with it but nothing was really operational! Instead of going to see a design studio I offered him to come to the office on a regular basis and that I will spend some time with him in order to help him build an operational version of his prototype, something that could be tested and maybe sold! Spark it was born! We tested it during the summer! Thibault was super happy so we gonna take onboard 3 more entrepreneurs into Spark it!

To my mind product dev works when you keep a steady rhythm! So every product builder that will join Sparkmate will have to deliver a new version of their product every 5 weeks (Same rhythm than the Sparkmate one), for an undetermined period (still to define haha). We will take some time to do a product review, check what could be improved, what new featured could be developed.... In addition of this we will provide access to Sparkmate's tools and machines (ei. testing infrastructure, CNC machines, 3D printers,...), share our global network of manufacturers, service providers, investors... and bring them in our community of product builders to share good moments together with the Sparkmate Team  #CaringIsSharing

My goal with this program is to help young entrepreneurs building their dream product, we would not charge anything for this is purely pro-bono! Our mission is to empower the next wave of entrepreneurs and innovators and Spark it is part of it! My goal is also to see if the Sparkmate Way of developing products works well with product builders who are not part of Sparkmate. (is our way of working scalable haha)
Morgan PelissierSparkmate's CEO