Go from 0-1, or 1-300.

Have an idea you can't wait to make real? Need to build the big version of your product? We've got you.

Get results in 5 weeks.

Not months. All of our projects and deliverables are based on 5-week milestones.

Have a
team of 2-4.

Each project is unique. You'll be partnered with Sparkmates who will best fit your project and goals.

Build anything.

A team of 25+Β fully stacked developers, engineers and entrepreneurs mean the sky will always be the limit.


Identify opportunities

Find and maximize opportunities you never thought you could. Use what's inside and outside the box.


Imagine concepts

What real-world problems do you want to solve? How many ways are there to solve it? Create one that's most effective and practical.


Build on

Build and deliver solutions that are effective, sustainable, scalable and reliable. Then #alwaysbeimproving.



Time to market plays a key role in competitive advantage and setting industry standards. Speed is the essence of war.

POC / MVP and production solutions

From hardware to software (or both)


R&D and complex systems

A few examples?
πŸ‘‰ First european prototype of a rocket landing catching system with Ariane and CNES
πŸ‘‰ Deep learning solution for dental bone loss prediction
πŸ‘‰ Custom test benches for inflatable helmets testing


Connected objects and IoT

A few examples?
πŸ‘‰ A fleet of connected locks to secure bike’s parking reusing urban furniture
πŸ‘‰A fall-detection system for the elderly
πŸ‘‰ An autonomous and connected maritime drone for marinas
πŸ‘‰ A smart cat-food dispenser (dry and wetfood)


Web, mobile and XR products

A few examples?
πŸ‘‰ An all-in-one platform to manage ESG strategies and extra-financial data
πŸ‘‰ A mobile app to optimize cash management for entrepreneurs and SME
πŸ‘‰ An AI-based
photographers marketplace based on photos search

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What's our building process?

Iterate. Iterate. Iterate to power your success.

We can build anything.
But we won't build everything.

Internet of ThingsElectronicsDeep LearningMobility / vehiclesMobile AppsDronesArtificial IntelligenceRoboticsWebsitesEmbedded Systems✨ NEW: Web 3MechatronicsUX/UI DesignCloud ComputingSpecial MachineriesIndustrial Design

🌎 The world needs people who care. When designing a new product, we always try to think long term; even if we prototype, we design for disassembly. You will never see Sparkmate working on projects that don't fit our ethics, such as weapons or any other product that can harm animals, the environment or people.

We understand what matters.

It's why mates work with us

πŸš€ Unprecedented speed

Speed is the essence of war - it's one solid way of having the upper hand over your competitors. We'll always look like we're at war because adaptive product development, time-to-market, getting feedback, improvements all depend on how fast we ship and reiterate. In our case, every 5 weeks.

🎯 Tangible results

Working with Sparkmate doesn't look like submitting a form and waiting for 5-6 months of what "might" be what you wanted. Because we work on 5-week milestones and reiterations, there will be new features every day, and new versions every 5 weeks - always something new to show.

πŸ’Ž Top quality from top experience

We've learned a lot through our years of working with over 50 clients and 70 partners, and we take all of our combined failures and successes into account, allowing us to ensure you get the best of all of our experiences, and can set high standards on what outstanding products, ventures and teams look like.

πŸš€ Genuine care

Your success is our success. We do what we do because equipping ambitious entrepreneurs with the right tech and solutions will solve tomorrow's challenges! But if we think something can be done differently or more efficiently, you can expect us to have your (and the world's)Β best interests at heart and let you know.

Go from 0-1,
or 1-300.

Imagine, build & launch with us.

We work with entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes, and of all product stages and stacks. So whether you have just an idea or a 10-step expansion plan for your products, we'll show you exactly how to get there and make it real.

Get results in 5 weeks.

Not months. Phew.

On average, it takes 50 to 100 weeks for businesses to develop products - the market might not even be the same anymore. So we work on 5-week milestones and iterations because we understand effective product development: focusing on the most important features, shipping and continuously improving based on user feedback.

Have a dedicated team of 2-4.

Meet your sparkmates

Each product is unique and requires different sets of knowledge and skills. But whatever the scope of your product is, you'll be sure to be partnered with mates who would be best equipped to make your products real - all topped with pure hard work and glazed with genuine care.

Ready to build
your product?


A free 30 min product strategy session (a 250USD gift for you πŸ˜‰)

Any other way we can help?

Just ask us!

Small to big-scale productions for your product.

Like a startup studio, we launch our own products with talented founders.

A tiny spark for young high-tech startup founders and innovators.


Spark Vault


We'll help you imagine, build, launch and scale - while shortening your time to market!


FOCUS by Sparkmate

Hardware co-working and accelerator

For those who want to innovate on their own, we are providing high-tech startup accelerator + hardware co-working space.