Building a product should be straightforward

Entrepreneurs and innovators lead the big changes.
We offer comprehensive design and engineering services to facilitate and accelerate their project.

A development approach focused on prototyping

At Sparkmate, we believe the most efficient way to tackle a complex problem is to go step-by-step with fast and incremental iterations on the whole system.

Rather than spending several months before even touching something tangible, we like to start by making something showable, usable or marketable.

It's beneficial and valuable to have a good alignment between users / market - founders vision - product and tech choices.

1. Human-size squad 👥

For human relationships.
Less struggle for administrative work. More time for coffees and great conversations.

2. Fully transparent approach 💎

Collaboration means creating value or nothing. We know that a key success factor for innovators is accountability and transparency. We will always be super frank.

3. Cross-disciplinary technical expertise 🛠️

We do hardware and software engineering.
Because innovation is not about narrowed expertise, but hardware and software, design and fabrication. We believe in pragmatism and mixed-skills.

4. A 100% iterative method ⏲️

Forget tunnel effect between feasibility study, design, development, prototyping, deployment... From the 1st 5-weeks development cycle, to the last, you will get useful and tangible deliverables.
CNC machining (milling, drilling)
Mechanical workshop
3D printing

industrial and technological partners

Molding and plastic injection (France and Chine), integration, water jet cutting, laser cutting, metal work and machining, 3D SLS printing, batteries, PCB, LPWAN and 4G networks, Cloud, cybersecurity...


Financing (grants, VC,...), incubation, communication, graphical identity, SEO, copywriting, podcasts, IP...

and workshops

For projects of all sizes

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