Stop staring at the mountain top... Climb it instead, it’s a harder process but the view is better ⛰️

Congratulations - you’ve developed the first version of your product! Though we must say, it is only the beginning 😉 (to a fun ride!)

Building your first version or MVP means you’ve already won half the battle. To win the rest, you need to start getting the word out and LAUNCH (and continuously improve - but that’s another topic!) 🚀 What’s the point of building a product that no one would even know of?

This is where the power of Marketing comes into play - to completely understand your audience, where they hang online and offline, and how you can target them in the most effective ways. Here are a few pointers we have for when you’re ready to launch:

Know your customer inside-out

The first thing you should ever think of when it comes to launching (and developing) a product are your customers. Study and understand what drives them, what motivates them and identify their goals. Capture their pain points well. All of these will help you develop a kick-ass product launch. In other words, do your market research before even thinking of a product launch! 

You don’t have to analyse the entire market segment or spend a few years learning about it. Just research enough until you identify a trend or have a collection of similar answers that you have the solution for.

Some of the key points to focus on when speaking to them are sentences that contain a product ‘wish’ or ‘frustration’ (e.g. “I wish that there was a product that could help me with…”  or “If only there was a bloody product for this function…”)  But don’t just stop there, you should dig deeper into the issue by asking them more specific (e.g. “Can you elaborate more on that?”, or ”What do you think could’ve helped you fix the issue?”). Always strive to get as much out as you can from them as the finer details could be the missing answer you may be looking for. The more thorough your research, the more accurate your buyer persona will be which will ultimately help you and your team develop the best marketing and product launch for them.

Prepare your main message

When planning your launch, it’s important to plan your communication based on who your users are, their pain points, and is clear and captivating for them to already check it out. Think about:

Create a bulletproof gameplan

This is what helps you strategize the launch and promotion of your product. Plan out what activities you need to do to get the word out once you’ve launched your product. Make use of all the available platforms out there (but focus on the ones where your potential users or customers are mostly on!). You can:

Get your team at starting line

Before you launch, make sure the whole team, and all other stakeholders are ready for it. This is important because once you do, especially in software products, there could be surge of users that go onto your platform and break a few things that the team needs to get on ASAP. Make sure everyone is on the same page and know how the launch will go.

3-2-1.. Take off! 

If you reckon you’ve tackled all the points mentioned above confidently then... Well done! You are now ready to launch your product 🚀

Make sure to track your progress

Remember, your job does not end once the product is launched, but rather, this is where you need to brace yourself to ensure that you’re in the money. Keep track of the performance of your go-to-market strategy and ensure that they are aligned with the goals you set out. Develop a metric system to measure which strategies are working well and which ones are not. This will ensure that your resources are always allocated at an optimum level. Keep a close eye on under-performing strategies, set a cutoff point and have a contingency plan ready. As Bruce Lee quotes, “Be water, my friend”, always be ready to adjust your plans accordingly to achieve the best results.

Having an effective product launch will get your ready product off the ground, and is what kickstarts your journey! So understand your audience well, make sure your messaging is straight to the point and addresses pain points, and create a strong gameplan for launch.

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