Spark it #1 : testimony from Thibault Devienne

Thibault Devienne & Morgan Pelissier

September 30, 2020

What are you building?

I am building a secure climbing belay machine which can be used by anyone to increase security when climbing from small heights by yourself.

How did you stumble upon Spark it?

After doing a first internship at Sparkmate, I contacted Morgan to ask him for his input on a design studio I wanted to reach out to for my prototype. However, instead of pointing me in this direction, he actually convinced me to do it myself. He told me what was for him the long term benefits from this approach. And I was convinced, so it's exactly what I did and I couldn't be happier!

What stage did you reach when you joined the program?

When joining the program, I had only built the first version of my prototype. Funny story is, it was built with LEGO! The important thing is to start building with whatever you have at your disposal.

How did Spark It help you?

On the one hand, it helps me keep a steady rhythm as the meetings act like deadlines I have to respect to make the most of this opportunity. I know they have my back and that whenever I am stuck somewhere, I can just text them about my problems and they will help me find new solutions.

On the other hand, each meeting sparks new ideas and helps me bring my product to the next level. As an entrepreneur, it's easy to receive 100 advice from all over the place but in general it's more confusing than helpful. At Spark It they really listen to me and provide me with a wide range of other angles I have yet to consider.  Their expertise in the domain of product engineering really is a key asset without which I wouldn't be where I am today.

People at Spark It are really friendly and they help me out by brainstorming new ideas. They don't pressure you by forcing you to do what they say. Instead, our meeting really ressemble a conversation between two friends who just say 'why not' to new opportunities.

What's one of the biggest difficulties they help you with?

As a solo founder it can sometimes be difficult to build your own project and find support when times get more difficult. They really helped me because I never felt alone because they not only believe in the project they are mentoring, but mostly in the people behind them. This is a key part I value in this program.

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Thibault Devienne & Morgan Pelissier