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It's carved in us (and in our name), we are mates to you and act as such! Your job is to focus on building the business, our job is to help you build something big! πŸš€
From idea to launch, we are ready to take on any challenge with you. We've built a rocket landing system in the past (for real πŸ™Œ), and we plan to put your project on orbit too!

Projects with our mates

Bring your product to life, shorten your time to market 101:

A prototype is worth more than 1000 meetings and presentations
A prototype that’s ready to market is worth your success πŸš€

Identify opportunities 🎯

Our world is changing (and needs to change, but that's another debate). We strongly believe that entrepreneurs will be our key game-changers, so if change brings opportunities, it's time to start acting!

Imagine concepts πŸ’‘

As entrepreneurs, we need to imagine a solution that is valuable, feasible, usable and viable - that's it! We don't speak about planning and designing things on paper for ages though, the best way to imagine a concept is by making it real!
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Build in time ⏳

On average, it takes 50 to 100 weeks for businesses to a develop product. The market might not even be the same anymore! It's important to deliver a solution that is effective, reliable, scalable and maintainable, as quickly as possible!

Launch fast ⚑

Speed is the essence of war. Time to market plays a key role in competitive advantage - and we don't want them to fall in love with any another solution. The sooner users get to use your solutions, the better!
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Learn πŸ’Ό

At Sparkmate, we take 5 weeks (1 milestone) to go from an idea to a working prototype. Depending on your product, you might already be ready to market in a milestone or two!
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At Sparkmate, we take 5 weeks (1 milestone) to go from an idea to a working prototype. Depending on your product, you might already be ready to market in a milestone or two!
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🌏 The world needs people who care

We do not define ourselves as a social enterprise or a profit for purpose business. We have not applied for any labels like Bcorp, ISO 9001 Environment Clause, or any other green awards.

To be frank, we don't need a label or a norm to teach us how to behave - we are responsible adults! So we avoid being assholes: we turn off the lights when they’re not in use, we don’t turn on the AC or heaters when they’re not needed, we recycle and upcycle as much as possible, we don't print sheets of paper for what can be digital, we don't put things in the trash when we can store them to be reused later.
When designing a new product, we always try to think long term; even if we prototype, we design for disassembly, and we do not make a server run 24/7 if we need it for just a little while! You get the idea, we aren’t asking anyone to become hardcore environmentalists! We just believe that caring about the future should be the norm and that companies play a key role in building new, sustainable standards.

This is also why we never work on projects that don’t fit our ethics. You will never see Sparkmate working on designing a new weapon or something that can harm animals, the environment or people!

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