Rapid prototyping for high-tech products

Sparkmate provides comprehensive engineering services. We make it simple and fast to design and develop complex innovative projects.

From a great idea to an operational solution, in just 5 weeks

As a leader in rapid prototyping for innovative projects, Sparkmate helps corporates, SMEs, solo-founders and startups jump from a great idea to an operational technical system, as fast as possible.

We design, we prototype, we iterate to deliver concrete results to our clients every 5 weeks.
I have a product to build
Mechatronics and Robotics systems

Industrial design and CAD
Incremental prototyping since day 1
Industrialization and sourcing
(suppliers network in France and China)

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Embedded systems and Connected devices / IoT

Network engineering (Wi-Fi - BLE - LPWAN - 4G) and security
PCB design
Firmware development

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Web platforms and Mobile applications

UX / UI design
Graphical identity
Tailor-made websites, apps, SaaS, APIs
Cloud architecture and serverless computing

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(Education, SPORTS, home, retail)

A Cloud architecture for a VR collaborative platform

Pierre-Yves, from Whatsit

The first European prototype of a smart rocket landing system

Olivier, from ArianeWorks and the CNES

A gyrostabilized camera under a plane wing for aeronautical filming

Grégory, from GLM Productions

Machines for food 3D printing

Marine, from La Patisserie Numérique

A more performant stack for a B2B chat app

Mike, from Fairwai

A physical software solution for meetings management turned into a Cloud-native Saas.

Olivier, from Tasquad

A connected bracelet for the practice of tennis


A connected marina drone

Christophe, from Monthabor

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